London Kalibari and London Sharad Utsav present Anjan Dutt & Neel Dutt

Anjan Dutta is a popular artist of the 1990s Bengali music scene defined by ‘anyodharar gaan’ (alternative songs). Anjan started his career as an actor in Bengali cinema. His first film was ‘Chalachitro’ directed by Mrinal Sen, where he won the prize for the best newcomer actor, at the Venice Film Festival. Later on, his career diverted towards the world of music. Anjan Dutta's style of music is different from the others in the sense that it has simple tunes, one that is reminiscent of western hits. His lyrics are simple in nature. Anjan's music is influenced by blues and country music. He is also a director of several Bengali and Hindi language movies. Anjan Dutta may be regarded as one of the best serious actors / directors in the Indian parallel cinema movement. London Sharad Utsav and London Kalibari are proud to be able to present Anjan Dutta to you here in London.



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